We will feature on the application of Kajal on our eyes waterline and upper waterline,So that it doesn’t get smug.We bought a very nice kajal for you, which will smug less, and is super soft while applying it

And for that you don’t have to use any eye shadow to keep it there for long

Now take a look at its application on the both the upper and lower water line

We used Diana Of London, which is super soft and super black, and we brought for Rs 400 (INR).

Its okay !! One can afford it, as the kajal can last up to 3-4 months right ?

On the other hand Dina Of London will last for more than 4 months because of its more quantity which weighs around 1.2 gms and have an remarkable quality and quantity

and usually a normal kajal by lakme or Colossal their weight is around 0.35 gms

Its up to you whether you will use it or not.

Clean your skin. To prevent the kajal from smudging, remove excess makeup, oil, and sweat from your eyelids and the skin around your eyes. Use makeup remover to clean off any eye makeup left from a previous application. Dip a cotton pad in cold water and brush it over your eyelids.

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