Here is a funny Animal compilation. Most of it consists of cute animals doingfunny things. Some funny

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pets and animals that are voiced over by the host, who usually describes the action in the clips in a funny way. The show was taped before a live studio audience; however, for some clips, a laugh track was used in place of the audience’s laughter. The show was originally hosted by Animal Planet announcer Matt Gallant until 2005 and then hosted by MADtv cast member Keegan-Michael Key until the show’s ending. The announcer was John Cramer. In 2005, there was a studio audience in this set. The show’s regular features include “Ani-Mail”, where the host reads “letters from viewers” (it has not been verified that the letters read on the show are sent from actual viewers) and shows clips demonstrating his reply. The show also features a “Animals in the News” part where the host has a newscast only with clips and photos to associate with. And there’s a clip in the show called “This Old Clip” (a parody on the home-improvement show This Old House) where it shows a regular clip.

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